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Smash Party Game

Smash Party Game

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If you're seeking a new twist on a classic party game and are ready for a night of excitement and fun with friends, the "Smash Party Sexy Activity Drinking Game" by Little Genie is here to make your gatherings unforgettable. Inspired by the classic game of Jenga, this version offers a saucy twist.

Key Features:

  • Jenga-Inspired: The game is inspired by the classic Jenga game, where players carefully remove blocks from a stacked tower. However, in this version, there's a naughty consequence for pulling the wrong block.

  • Sexy Activities: Each block pulled comes with a playful and sexy instruction, such as letting another player give you a hickey, motorboating a player of your choice, or kissing a player of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose to take a drink.

  • Complete Set: The game includes all you need for a night of pleasure and fun. It comes with four Smash Party shot glasses to ensure you have the perfect accompaniment to the game.

The "Smash Party Sexy Activity Drinking Game" adds a unique twist to a classic party game, making it perfect for adults looking to enjoy a night of laughter, intimacy, and shared experiences.

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