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LuvPump ProXtra Pump

LuvPump ProXtra Pump

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The LuvPump ProXtra Professional Power Pump Pistol Pump with Gauge & Quick Release Valve is a high-quality pump designed for powerful and effective results. Here are the specifications of this product:

Design: The pump features a pistol grip design for easy handling and control during use. It is equipped with a gauge to monitor the pressure and a quick-release valve for convenient pressure release.

Silicone Hose Length: The pump includes a silicone hose with a length of 10.2 inches, allowing for flexibility and comfortable pumping sessions.

Cylinder Length: The cylinder has a length of 9 inches, providing ample space for accommodating various sizes and offering satisfying results.

Inner Diameter: The cylinder has an inner diameter of 2.25 inches, ensuring a secure and snug fit during pumping.

Cylinder Material: The cylinder is made of ABS, a durable and body-safe material commonly used in sex toys.

Sleeves Material: The sleeves are made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber), a soft and stretchy material that provides a comfortable and pleasurable experience. The TPR sleeves are designed to enhance stimulation during pumping sessions. Additionally, the pump comes with a free ring for added variety.

Usage: To use the pump, place the cylinder over the desired area, create a seal, and use the pistol grip pump to generate suction by pulling the trigger. The built-in gauge allows you to monitor and control the pressure, while the quick-release valve enables easy and immediate pressure release.

Cleaning: After each use, clean the pump with mild soap and warm water. Ensure thorough rinsing and allow it to dry before storage. Clean the sleeves and accessories using a toy cleaner specifically designed for TPR materials.

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