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Juicy AF Water Based Lube 4oz

Juicy AF Water Based Lube 4oz

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Juicy AF Water Based Lube is the perfect solution for adding extra juiciness to your intimate experiences. Dryness can happen, but with the right lube, you can keep the slip and slide going until everyone is fully satisfied.

This lube comes in a convenient mess-free squeeze bottle, making application easy and hassle-free. Its thick and crystal-clear jelly-like consistency ensures that it stays put on toys, hands, and bodies, eliminating uncomfortable friction caused by dryness. You can count on Juicy AF to provide long-lasting moisture and glide.

What sets Juicy AF apart is its delicious watermelon flavor and scent. It adds a touch of sweetness to oral sex, making it even more enjoyable. You can also use it to enhance moisture and glide during sex, foreplay, and playtime with your favorite toys.

Juicy AF has a water-based formula that is safe to use with all toy materials and latex condoms, making it versatile and compatible. It's also free of parabens, petroleum, and animal-based products, ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience. Additionally, it is pH balanced to provide optimal comfort and compatibility with your body.

Say goodbye to dryness and hello to juiciness with Juicy AF Water Based Lube. Keep the fun flowing and enjoy a slippery and pleasurable experience every time.

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