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Nut Sack C&C Spicy Mix

Nut Sack C&C Spicy Mix

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The Nut Sack Spicy Mix is a tantalizing combination of ultra-fresh cashews, pecans, almonds, and pumpkin seeds, all brought together in a flavorful blend. These nuts are expertly seasoned with a house-made mixture of cayenne, chipotle, and smoked paprika, delivering a spicy kick that adds excitement to every bite.

With its diverse assortment of nuts and seeds, the Spicy Mix offers a variety of textures and flavors. The cashews provide a creamy and buttery taste, while the pecans bring their rich and slightly sweet flavor to the mix. The almonds add a delightful crunch, and the pumpkin seeds contribute a subtle nuttiness. Together, they create a satisfying and well-rounded snacking experience.

To ensure the best taste and quality, the nuts in the Spicy Mix are roasted with 100% pure and healthy coconut oil. This not only enhances their natural flavors but also adds a touch of tropical goodness. Additionally, they are perfectly salted with the premium fleur de sel from See Salt®, providing just the right amount of saltiness to complement the spicy seasoning.

If you're mindful of your carbohydrate intake, it's worth noting that the Spicy Mix contains approximately 4.14 grams of net carbs per ounce. This means that the original spicy nutsack, weighing 6 ounces, contains about 24.8 net carbs. This information can be helpful for individuals following specific dietary plans or monitoring their carbohydrate consumption.

Whether you're a fan of spicy snacks or simply enjoy a flavor-packed mix, the Nut Sack Spicy Mix offers a delicious and satisfying option. With its high-quality ingredients, expert roasting, and a carefully crafted blend of spices, this snack is sure to satisfy your cravings for both heat and flavor.

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