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Lucky Lady Dual Stimulator Dildo in Purple

Lucky Lady Dual Stimulator Dildo in Purple

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Curved into a dramatic 'C' shape designed to perfectly penetrate and stimulate two sweet spots simultaneously, the seriously sexy Lucky Lady Dual Stimulator is absolutely set to satisfy some demanding stimulation cravings.

Lifelike at both ends, the Lucky is noticeably thicker at one end and nice and sleek at the other- use either side to reach even the deepest of inner erogenous zones while the other works its magic anally. Supple and flexible, the Lucky Lady bends blissfully to suit individual body contours, all the while remaining firm and precise to easily please once in place.

In a fantastically textured PVC material, the Lucky cleans easily and thoroughly with simple soapy water, and is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. 
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