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Treasure Pirate Small

Treasure Pirate Small

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Ahoy, matey! Get ready to set sail on a swashbuckling adventure with the Elegant Moments "Treasure Pirate" costume. This 4-piece ensemble is perfect for any woman looking to embrace her inner pirate and become the treasure of the high seas.

Costume Components:

  1. Short Sleeve Top with Lace Trim: The centerpiece of this stunning pirate costume is a short sleeve top adorned with lace trim. The top adds a touch of femininity to the pirate look while still maintaining its adventurous spirit. With this top, you'll be ready to take on any pirate challenge with style.

  2. Pants: The costume includes a pair of pants that are both comfortable and fitting for a pirate's life. Whether you're searching for buried treasure or dancing the night away at a Halloween party, these pants will keep you feeling confident and agile.

  3. Belt: The belt adds a finishing touch to the ensemble, allowing you to accessorize like a true pirate. Wear it around your waist to accentuate your figure and complete the pirate look.

  4. Head Scarf: Complete your transformation into a fearless pirate with the included head scarf. The scarf adds an authentic touch to the costume, making you look ready to conquer the high seas.

High-Quality and Easy to Care For: The "Treasure Pirate" costume is made from 100% polyester, ensuring a comfortable fit and durability for all your pirate adventures. It's recommended to hand wash the costume to keep it in pristine condition for future use.

Versatile Costume: This pirate costume is perfect for Halloween, costume parties, themed events, and even role-playing adventures with your crew. Embrace your inner pirate captain or swashbuckling pirate wench and become the center of attention at any event.

Join the ranks of the most daring and stylish pirates with the Elegant Moments "Treasure Pirate" costume. Unleash your sense of adventure and charm as you sail the seas and seek out hidden treasures. Note that this costume is designed for adult use, and it's an excellent choice for adding some excitement and playfulness to your Halloween celebrations or any other pirate-themed event.

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