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The ultimate sexy DIY activity for a rainy day, the epic Clone-A-Pussy contains everything needed to create a very unique silicone keepsake for a favorite playmate.

Full instructions are included, but the basic process is simple, mix up the molding powder and water in a bowl, and pour into the scooped molding container. Sit comfortably in a chair, or stand upright, and press the container filled with molding gel directly against the vagina, making sure all the important bits are covered. Hold the scoop steadily for a few minutes until has set. Once you're out, you can start creating your replica right away.

Completely pour the 2 part 100% platinum cured silicone mix into the mold. Once everything has set, you'll be left with an exact copy of your (or your mate's) pussy. Use it as a fridge magnet, keychain, paperweight or masturbation teaser.


  • Molding container
  • Molding powder
  • Silicone mix
  • Stir stick
  • Instructions

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