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Butterfly Clamps

Butterfly Clamps

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The Fetish Fantasy Butterfly Nipple Clamps by Pipedream are a visually stunning and stimulating addition to nipple clamp play. Here are some details about the product:

  • Design: The Butterfly Clamps feature a classic nipple clamp design with soft, rubber-tipped tips for comfortable wear. The clamps are adjustable using a simple screw mechanism, allowing you to customize the level of pressure to your liking.

  • Dangly Decals: What sets these nipple clamps apart is the beautiful butterfly-shaped decorations that dangle from the clamps. These decals are intricately detailed and feature silky threads in shades of black and white, adding an aesthetic appeal to your play.

  • Chain Length: The butterfly decals are attached to the clamps with a longer-than-usual chain, providing weight and allowing for enjoyable swing and gentle tugging sensations. The chain adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall experience.

  • Dimensions: The butterfly decals measure approximately 3 inches in length from the clamp base to the end, adding a visual and tactile element to your nipple play.

Please ensure to use nipple clamps responsibly and take into consideration your comfort and safety. Adjust the clamps gently and communicate with your partner to find the right level of pressure and stimulation.

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