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Obsessions Vibes

Black 6pc S & M Embossed Kit

Black 6pc S & M Embossed Kit

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The Black Color Embossed 6 Pcs Neoprene-lined S & M Kit includes a variety of bondage and BDSM accessories for a thrilling and adventurous play session. Here are the items included in the kit:

  1. Ball Gag: A gag designed to be worn in the mouth, limiting speech and adding a sense of submission and control to the experience.

  2. Handcuffs: These restraints are used to secure the wrists together, providing a feeling of restraint and power exchange.

  3. Ankle Cuffs: Similar to handcuffs, ankle cuffs are used to bind the ankles, allowing for further immobilization and control during play.

  4. Collar with Lead: A collar worn around the neck, often with a detachable lead, symbolizing ownership, dominance, or submission.

  5. Mask: A mask or blindfold that can be worn over the eyes to enhance sensory deprivation and heighten anticipation during play.

  6. Whip: A whip is a tool used for impact play, ranging from light sensual strokes to more intense sensations, depending on the level of force applied.

Features: The kit features embossed design elements for added visual appeal, and the neoprene lining on the cuffs and collar enhances comfort during wear.

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