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Balisong Butterflly 5.38" Titanium Knife

Balisong Butterflly 5.38" Titanium Knife

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Introducing the 5.38" Stainless Steel Tactical Tech Balisong Butterfly Folding Pocket Knife, featuring a robust Titanium-coated blade. This high-performance butterfly knife is designed for tactical applications, combining strength, versatility, and style to meet the demands of knife enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Blade Material: The blade is constructed from Stainless Steel with a durable Titanium coating, offering excellent corrosion resistance and increased hardness. This combination ensures that the knife maintains its sharpness and withstands harsh conditions, making it well-suited for tactical and outdoor use.

Blade Type: The blade features a versatile Drop Point design, known for its strong, controllable tip and ample cutting edge. The Drop Point blade is well-suited for a wide range of tasks, including slicing, cutting, and piercing, making it an ideal choice for tactical and everyday utility needs.

Folding Action: The knife incorporates a Butterfly folding action, commonly known as Balisong. This unique mechanism allows the blade to swing freely around the handle, providing a mesmerizing visual display while allowing for quick deployment and storage of the blade.

Handle Construction: The handle is constructed from durable Stainless Steel, providing strength and stability for precise handling. The sturdy handle ensures a secure grip and is built to withstand demanding usage in tactical and outdoor scenarios.

Features: For enhanced safety during handling, the knife is equipped with a Safety Locking Lever. This locking mechanism ensures that the blade remains securely in place during use, minimizing the risk of accidental closures and providing added stability during cutting tasks.


  • Blade Length: 4.25 inches
  • Handle Length: 5.38 inches
  • Overall Length: 9.63 inches

With its tactical design, Titanium-coated Stainless Steel blade in a Drop Point shape, impressive Butterfly folding action, durable Stainless Steel handle, and Safety Locking Lever, the 5.38" Stainless Steel Tactical Tech Balisong Butterfly Folding Pocket Knife is a reliable and versatile tool for various cutting and tactical applications. Whether you're a knife enthusiast, a survivalist, or a professional seeking a dependable everyday carry, this knife is sure to meet your expectations and stand out as a premium choice for your gear.

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